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What makes StudyRight so unique?

In high school I was a lot like most students: overwhelmed.  I had too much on my plate and not enough time or energy -- especially with my long-term college, scholarship, and career goals.  And for me, the hardest part was personal study time.  I had a guide for everything else -- school, sports, music, and extracurricular life -- everything except my personal study time.

That was until a family friend invested two weeks into teaching me how to study. Instead of continuing to see students like me struggle with growing workloads, she helped us intentionally invest in our development as students. And for those of us who were willing to learn, it revolutionized our ability to succeed -- both inside and outside the classroom.  Several years later, I recognized that not everyone had the same opportunity to personally grow their skills that I did -- their stress levels and lack of academic confidence proved it.

We built StudyRight to change that.

We've spent countless hours distilling PhD research studies and best practices gleaned from high-performing students to develop StudyRight's framework and courses.  Our goal is to produce easy-to-follow, easy-to-apply content that actually makes students better in the key areas of student success -- motivation, organization, and academic skills.  Our peers struggled because they lacked this kind of training.  We're doing our best to change that.  Our mission is to make sure the biggest limitation for this generation is whether or not they'll invest themselves in learning these simple but crucial skills.  We hope your students will join thousands of others in growing their skills.

Or Hear More From Our Students and Parents:

I am confident that both of my kids will approach the upcoming school year with a new level of confidence and will utilize the study skills that they learned from Study Right.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their grades and time management skills.

The study skills course I have taken has been amazing. It was interactive, and very useful. Also, it was so convenient.... I love StudyRight!

A great investment!

The class has already changed how I organize and study, and I feel more ready for my test tomorrow. I’ll take what I learned here through the rest of my school career.

StudyRight has benefited me a lot with my classes this year! I thought it would be impossible to manage 4 AP classes and 7 clubs but with the time management and study skills I’ve learned I have very high grades now and I have plenty of time for myself!

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We know you value your students' success, but you also can't study with them every night. Nevertheless, so much of your school's success is dependent on the time and effort your students put in when they aren't on your clock -- when they are studying (or not) on their own time.  The greatest teachers with the greatest resources will always be limited by the learning abilities of their students.  We exist to help you resource students for successful personal study time. 
Unlimited Access for Every Family
Not everyone can afford a tutor or a learning center to bridge the difficulties with study skills every student inevitably hits.  But StudyRight helps you ensure every student you serve has access to skill-building resources.
Engaging and Application-focused Content
Just providing content is never enough.  StudyRight is built so that your students have engaging video courses broken into manageable and applicable chunks, with learning guides that drive toward adopting the skills.
Affordable Enough for Every Budget
We know your budget is tight.  That may be one reason your school lacks study skills training.  But StudyRight scales to your school, enabling you to provide resources at a fraction of the typical curriculum cost.

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Every student eventually hits a point where they need better study skills. This is just a fact of life.  Your students skills -- organization, productivity, reading, note-taking, test prep, and others -- have probably just evolved a little bit at a time as they've gone through school, which can actually work for a while.  At some point, however, those skills can't handle the demands placed on them.  StudyRight helps your students build those crucial skills so that they can manage their growing work load and find new levels of success.. 
Crucial skills for Lifelong Success
Staying organized, working more productively, staying motivated, absorbing information more quickly, retaining information longer -- these don't just impact your grades, they impact your career.
Convenient Web-Based Platform
StudyRight is focused on real-life application of study skills, but our web-based platform helps make it as convenient as possible.  Courses vary in format, but each lesson comes with application guides of some sort.
A Fraction of the Cost of Other Success Options
Academic help can be an enormous expense; while we aren't offering tutoring exactly, the training you'll get at StudyRight will make a big difference in all of your classes and cost significantly less than getting a tutor or study skills coach.

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